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Junior Support Worker – Ages 14-17 (Maintenance, Kitchen, Grounds, Custodial, etc.)

Junior Cabin Leader – Ages 16-17 (Cabin, Skills, Games, Program, etc.)

Senior Support Worker – Ages 18+ (Cooking, Maintenance, Kitchen, Grounds, Custodial, etc.)

Senior Cabin Leader – Ages 18+ (Cabin, Skills, Games, Program, etc.)

Camp Pastor/Speaker – Ages 18+ (Including Worship Leaders & Musicians)


***Please note that mandatory training for ALL staff will be at the camp on Saturday, July 9th.*** If possible, it is requested that staff come out to camp the prior evening (starting at around 7:00 pm) to participate in team-building activities. Otherwise, breakfast will be held at 0830 with training to commence at 0930 on the Saturday. Staff will be expected to remain until supper (starting between 5 and 6pm), with an optional session afterwards for those who are able to stay. If you have any conflicts with this schedule, please bring it up when contacted about your application.

In addition, there will be training for Senior and Junior Cabin Leaders during the week of July 4th-9th, which will include spiritual leadership training, practical skill instruction, and a day of Emergency First Aid training for those who do not hold a current certificate.

Junior Support staff will be required to attend training from July 7th-9th, which will include spiritual teaching, practical training and team-building. If any junior support staff wishes to join in for the First Aid training (on July 6th), they may do so for the cost of the course.

It is recommended that staff come out to camp the evening before their specific training begins, but if this is not possible the sessions will begin at 0845 each weekday.

Training WeekJuly 4-9
Sr. Teen Camp
(Ages 14-17)
July 10-15
Jr. Teen Camp
(Ages 12-14)
July 17-22
Intermediate Camp
(Ages 10-12)
July 24-29
Squirt Camp
(Ages 6-8)
August 1-4
Junior Camp 1
(Ages 9-12)
August 7-12
Junior Camp 2
(Ages 8-10)
August 14-19
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